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Akasa Air - It's Your Sky

India’s newest and most dependable airline​

At Akasa Air, we believe that the Sky embraces everyone, and so air travel should be inclusive and affordable for all. This belief motivated us to create a dependable and affordable airline that everybody can relate to.


We launched our first commercial flight on August 7, 2022, to support the growing demand across India with the greenest and youngest fleet in the country. We are India’s fastest-growing and most dependable airline, with 20 destinations and 40 routes in India and our first flight taking off from Mumbai to Doha on March 28, 2024, thereby achieving the milestone of becoming the first Indian carrier to fly overseas in just 19 months since its inception.

Warm & efficient customer service, reliable operations, and affordable fares are the cornerstones of our brand promise.


With a clear focus on sustained, long-term growth, Akasa Air has placed a firm order of 226 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes, powered by CFM fuel-efficient, LEAP-1B engines. It currently operates 23 737 MAX aircraft which delivers superior efficiency in reducing fuel use and carbon emissions. The aircraft also powers a quieter cabin with 40 percent lesser noise fulfilling the airline's promise of being an environmentally progressive company with the youngest and greenest fleet in the Indian skies.


Akasa Air is helmed by a highly professional and experienced leadership team who have laid the foundation of an organisation that listens, understands, and anticipates our customers’ needs. What’s more, we are committed to building an airline that’s socially responsible, economically sustainable, and inherently empathetic.


These are exciting times. We look forward to welcoming you onboard Akasa Air.


It’s Your Sky!


Our Logo



Akasa Air’s symbol – the sharp rising ‘A’, draws its inspiration from the elements of the sky. It depicts the rising sun, the effortless flight of a bird, freedom, dependability, and the spirit of flying. Always moving upwards, always inspiring to rise.  

The sunrise orange in our logo is a blend of warmth and energy, youth and creativity, enthusiasm, and inspiring wellness, just like the sun - a ray of optimism and positivity. 

Our passion, nobility, and independence are depicted through the hues of passionate purple, a rarity in nature, hence precious, pure, and mystique. 

Our values



Believe in the power of teamwork



Honour your word. Always be honest and transparent



Look at the world through other people’s eyes



Stay humble and believe that there is always more to learn



Work hard and never give up



Respect others, no matter how different they or their views are



If you believe you can, you can



Actively preserve our environment. Help enrich the lives of others


Today’s passengers are increasingly seeking environmentally friendly options to travel, and in this regard, Akasa is proud to be the greenest airline with the youngest fleet in global aviation.


Sustainability is at the core of Akasa Air's values and we endeavour to play our part and demonstrate our commitment in preserving our environment in every way possible – aircraft, our products and services, in-flight, on ground, our office premises and in our engagement with partners. 


We stand committed to our agenda of being the most environmentally progressive airline and shall continue to introduce many more initiatives in this regard.



Leadership Team

Akasa’s experienced leadership team helms a highly professional, agile and sustainable business

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    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved
    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved

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    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved