Premium Deal

Premium Deal

Akasa Premium Deal

Premium Deal

At Akasa Air, we envision not just comfort and convenience, but also luxury at affordable rates!  

Premium Deal, our premium flying service, will allow you to not only select A+ seat, but also indulge in delectable meals by Café Akasa, enjoy Priority Check-in & Bag and Board First!

The ‘Premium Deal’ service can be purchased at a special price of Rs. 1400/- only, per sector per passenger up to 12 hours before departure.

Note: Premium Deal is applicable only on select flights. In case you have already opted for Seats or the Seat & Meal Deal or Priority Check-in & Bag or Board First services, you will not be eligible to purchase Premium Deal.

Terms and Conditions

  • Premium Deal includes an A+ Seat (Rows 1st, 15th & 16th), Café Akasa (an eatable and a beverage), Priority Check-in & bag and Board First services
  • This service can be purchased up to 12 hrs prior to flight departure
  • Rate will be per sector per passenger
  • There is no additional fee applicable for a passenger travelling as an ‘infant’
  • Passenger to approach the Akasa Air staff at the airport or the available counter for Priority Check-in
  • Bag will be tagged as ‘Priority’ and will arrive on the belt along with other priority tagged bags
  • Liability of Akasa Air, if any, is limited only to the extent of the charge paid by the passenger per sector
  • Akasa Air reserves the right to withdraw or amend this service or cancel or amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice
  • Akasa Air reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of Priority Check-in and Bag and/or withdraw the same at any time without giving any prior notice and/or assigning any reason
  • Passenger cannot cancel this service on standalone basis
  • This service will be refunded in case of partially or fully cancelled bookings
  • In case of connecting flight(s), customer can select only one meal on the first flight. Meal will not be applicable on subsequent connecting flight(s)

  •  In case of a date change, this service will be refunded
  • No refund will be provided in case of no-show or passengers who do not avail of this service in spite of purchasing the same
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    © Copyright 2022 Akasa Air. All rights reserved
    © Copyright 2022 Akasa Air. All rights reserved

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    © Copyright 2022 Akasa Air. All rights reserved