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Delayed or Lost Baggage

Akasa Air Delayed or Lost Baggage service


Akasa Air in partnership with Blue Ribbon Bags offers a delayed or lost baggage service which tracks and expedites the return of delayed baggage.


In the event of lost or delayed baggage, you are entitled to a compensation of ₹19,000 per bag, up to two bags, if the baggage is not returned within 96 hours of your flight arrival. It also gives you real-time status updates via SMS and e-mail.


How it works?

  • A fee of ₹95 will be charged to avail the service

  • If your baggage is missing/delayed beyond 96 hrs upon the arrival of the flight, you will be compensated ₹19,000 per bag, up to two bags by Blue Ribbon Bags


What is Delayed or Lost Baggage service?

The service provided by Blue Ribbon Bags will track and expedite the return of your delayed baggage for 96 hours while sending you real-time updates via email and SMS regarding its status. If Blue Ribbon Bags cannot locate the bag within 96 hours of the flight’s arrival time, you will receive ₹19,000 per bag, upto two bags regardless of contents or receipts

How will I know if I am entitled to reimbursement?

If your luggage is not returned to you within 96 hours of the arrival of the flight, you are entitled to compensation of ₹19,000 per bag, up to two bags.

What do I do if my bags are delayed while travelling?

  • File a claim directly with Akasa Air at your destination and obtain an airline tracking reference (PIR Report or File Reference Number)


  • File a delayed or lost baggage report with Blue Ribbon Bags within 24 hrs of the flight landing. This can be done 24/7 via this Link


  • Blue Ribbon Bags will begin tracking and expediting the return of the bag. You will receive an email/SMS notification every time there is a change to the status of the bags.


  • Blue Ribbon Bags will either find your bag within 96 hrs of landing or will send you ₹19,000 per bag, upto 2 bags

Will a fee be charged for availing this service?

A nominal fee of ₹95 will be applied for availing this service.

What happens if I cancel the booking?

  • Once pre-booked, this service can only be cancelled along with the cancellation of your flight booking

  • This service will be refunded for fully or partially cancelled bookings

  • In case of a date change, this service will be transferred to the new booking

  • No refund will be provided in case of no show/gate no show or for passengers who do not avail of this service in spite of purchasing


Delayed or Lost Baggage, made available through Akasa Air’s website and app, is provided by Blue Ribbon Bags . Akasa Air is merely promoting Blue Ribbon Bags services and hence, expressly disclaims any liability and/or responsibility for such services. Customers are requested to exercise their sole discretion while choosing to avail such services. For any questions or concerns or complaints about such services, please contact Blue Ribbon Bags directly. Claims or complaints of any nature whatsoever in relation to such services will not be entertained by Akasa Air. designated pick-up point.



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    © Copyright 2022 Akasa Air. All rights reserved

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    © Copyright 2022 Akasa Air. All rights reserved