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Excess Baggage - Pre-booking & Extra Baggage Charges

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Pre-book Excess Baggage

Booking for Excess Baggage is simple and convenient on the Akasa website or app.

What's more, you pay lower excess baggage charges when you pre-book on our website or app as compared to buying at the airport.

You may also pre-book Excess Baggage 2 hours before your flight through Manage Booking.

Excess Baggage Charges

At Akasa Air, you can seamlessly pre-book excess baggage. This service is especially helpful when you need to carry extra baggage in addition to your regular baggage allowance. Pre-booking extra baggage saves you time and makes your travel convenient. See below for our extra baggage charges: 


Pre-purchase Domestic Excess Baggage Amount   Airport Excess Baggage Rate
3 kgs ₹ 1,350   Per kg ₹ 550
5 kgs ₹ 2,250   Pre-Purchase International Connecting Flight Excess Baggage Amount
10 kgs ₹ 4,500   8Kgs ₹ 800
15 kgs ₹ 6,750   10Kgs ₹ 1,000
20 kgs ₹ 9,000   15Kgs ₹ 1,500
30 kgs ₹ 13,500   30Kgs ₹ 3,000

Please Note:

  • Passengers can carry one bag up to 7 kgs as hand baggage

  • Standard check-in baggage allowance applicable on domestic flights is one piece or bag up to 15 kgs only

  • Pre-booking charges: Additional pieces of baggage can be pre-booked online (subject to a maximum of up to only 2 pieces) at a charge of INR 900 per piece

  • Eligible passengers who have purchased student fare can carry up to one piece / bag up to 25 kg

  • On domestic flights, a pre-purchase charge of Rs.900 and at the Airport charge of Rs.1000 will be applicable for each Extra Bag / Additional Piece carried by Passenger over and above the one piece/bag allowed. Excess Baggage as applicable will be charged over and above the extra bag

  • Pre-purchased Sports equipment will be charged at Rs.1200 per equipment. Excess Baggage as applicable will be charged over and above

  • Pre-purchased Excess Baggage is non-transferable

  • The overall dimensions (L+W+H) of the checked-in baggage should not exceed 158 cms (62 inches) 

  • Excess Baggage needs to be purchased for each sector separately

  • Any modification/cancellation to the pre-purchased Excess Baggage is not allowed once purchased

  • Once pre-booked, this service can only be cancelled along with the cancellation of your flight booking 

  • This service will be refunded for fully or partially cancelled bookings

  • In case of a date change, this service will be transferred to the new booking

  • No refund will be provided in case of no show/gate no show or  for passengers who do not avail of this service in spite of purchasing excess baggage

Excess Baggage on International Connecting Flight

  • Applicable for pre-purchase on our website, mobile app and at Akasa Care Centre only. Not applicable for purchase at the Airport

  • Available for pre-purchase at our 24x7 Akasa Care Centre on +91 9606 11 21 31

  • Additional Bag(s) as applicable will be charged over and above the Excess Baggage paid for International Connecting flight

  • The domestic flight should be within 48 hours of your international flight

  • Passengers should produce relevant international travel documents at the time of check-in, failing which Akasa Air will charge excess baggage as per applicable rates at the airport

  • In case of any dispute with  respect to Excess Baggage, the decision by Akasa Air shall be binding
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