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Extra Seat

Extra Seat – Book your preferred adjacent seat

Now you can, elevate your journey by reserving an additional seat for a nominal fee easily through www.akasaair.com or the Akasa Air mobile app while booking your Akasa Air flight.


Whether seeking extra privacy or simply desiring more space between co-passengers, our Extra Seat option caters to diverse needs. Families with young children, business travelers, or anyone wanting an adjacent seat to themselves, will find this option appealing.


Akasa Air ensures a comfortable flight experience providing seats with ample legroom, complemented by USB ports in a majority of our aircraft. Stay connected and charged throughout your journey, conveniently powering your devices on the go.


Please Note:

  • Extra Seat will be applicable for the entire journey
  • Extra Seat cannot be used to stow baggage, pet containers, musical instruments, or any other items.
  • Extra Seat will be charged per sector per passenger
  • In case of multiple passengers on one booking, Extra Seat can be added at passenger level. Total passenger count including Extra Seat cannot exceed more than 9 passengers.
  • Only one Extra Seat per passenger can be booked under the Extra Seat option
  • Extra Seat can be availed at the time of flight booking only. Extra Seat cannot be added post completion of flight booking
  • Available on www.akasaair.com and mobile app
  • Seat fee and convenience fee will be charged as applicable for each Extra Seat
  • Passengers with Extra Seat booking are eligible for 15 kgs check-in baggage limit plus an extra allowance of 10 kgs. No additional products or services will be offered for Extra Seat.
  • Seat selection is mandatory when an Extra Seat is purchased. Passenger can only opt for one adjacent seat as per the Extra Seat available in the relevant flight
  • Passenger cannot cancel Extra Seat on standalone basis
  • The reservation booked along with Extra Seat cannot be modified. For any modifications, passenger will be required to cancel and make a fresh booking. Charges on account of cancellation will apply to Extra Seat
  • In case of date change, this service will not be transferred to the new flight. Passenger will be required to cancel the entire booking with applicable cancellation charges and create a fresh booking
  • An Extra Seat cannot be transferred to another passenger in a booking and cannot be encashed
  • No refund will be provided in case of no-show or passengers who do not avail this service in spite of purchasing the same
  • Service will be refunded in case of flight cancellation by Airline
  • Liability of Akasa Air, if any, is limited only to the extent of the charge paid by the passenger per sector
  • In case of any dispute with respect to Extra Seat, the decision by Akasa Air shall be binding
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    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved