Flight Delay Cover

Flight Delay Cover


There is an unexplained joy in embarking on a new trip despite the hustle-bustle of booking a flight, planning the itinerary, packing all your essentials, and ensuring you have not missed anything on your checklist. However, like with any other adventure, unforeseen hindrances can pop up during the process, like a flight delay! 


At Akasa Air, we try our best to avoid such occurrences. However, certain factors are beyond our control. Delays may occur due to bad weather, natural disasters, air traffic control clearance delays, or any other unforeseen reason. 


We understand your need to stay on schedule and to get to your destination on time. In line, Akasa Air offers you an insurance cover against such flight delays for INR 149 per sector per passenger, applicable on domestic flights and for Indian citizens only. You can buy Flight Delay Cover, offered by GoDigit that compensates you with INR 1,000 as per applicable terms and conditions if your flight is delayed by 2 hrs. and the delay is announced within 6 hrs. of flight departure. Amount collected for this service is non-refundable.



Terms & Conditions:


Personal Accident

You will be paid, up to the limits shown on your policy schedule, if you suffer an accidental bodily injury during your trip which requires urgent and immediate medical attention that leads solely, directly and independently to your:


1. Death  2. Permanent total disability  3. Permanent partial disability


Benefit payment as a% of Sum Insured for any other permanent partial disablement will be based upon the opinion and assessment of the Medical Practitioner as to the extent of disability and in no such case our liability will exceed 50% of the Sum Insured as specified in the Policy Schedule against this Cover.


Special Conditions:

  • The death or disability must happen within one year from the date of the accident.

  • If an insured person dies as a result of bodily injury, any amount already claimed and paid under permanent total disability or partial permanent disability will be deducted from the payment under accidental death.

  • The benefit you will be paid or your legal representative. If you die, the benefit will be paid to the nominee appointed by you or your legal heir.

If more than one disablement are sustained due to the same accident, the amount payable shall be arrived at by adding together the various percentages shown in the table of benefits for corresponding disablements but shall not exceed the Sum Insured stated in the Policy Schedule against this Cover.


What’s Not Covered:

Anything mentioned in the Exclusion section.


Common Carrier Delay 

  • You will be paid the amount mentioned in the plan summary if the flight is delayed by more than the duration mentioned in certificate which is Flight delayed by 2 hrs. and the delay is announced within 6 hrs. of flight departure.


  • Delay of a Scheduled Flight caused by Inclement Weather.

  • Delay due to a sudden Strike or any other action by employees of the Flight. 

  • Delay caused by equipment failure of the Flight.

  • Delay caused by operational problem at the Flight end like crew/staff scheduling issues.

  • Cancellation or rescheduling of flights done at the instance of the Flight that causes delay.


  • Any delay, which was made public or known to you at least 6 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the Flight.
  • Any delay caused due to change in laws, regulations or orders issued by the respective Government or the regulating authority which was publicly announced.
  • Strikes or labour disputes which existed, or of which advance warning had been given in Public prior to the date on which the insured trip was scheduled. 
  • Delay due to the permanent withdrawal of services of any Flight by its management or shareholders due to any reason whatsoever which was publicly announced.


We will use Scheduled/Actual departure time of Common Carrier as recorded by independent external agency for determining the admissibility of claim.

Any Claim must be supported by documentary evidence that you had reached the port of scheduled departure on time e.g., security stamped boarding pass etc.


How to file travel claims:

  • Flight delays are monitored by GoDigit, your insurance provider. If your flight departure crosses the delay threshold as per the airline/time of flight, you will automatically receive an SMS/Email to upload your boarding pass and NEFT details to get a claim.

  • In case of other types of claims, please reach out to GoDigit at

Email: travelclaims@godigit.com

Contact No. 1800-258-5956/1800-103-4448

  • Digit contact centre would help you to decide the minimal documentation required to process the claim.

  • You would receive a link via SMS / Email asking you to share the documents and bank details.

  • Once done, the amount is processed to your bank account.


Insurance products made available through Akasa Air’s website are provided and sold by Digit Insurance. Akasa Air is not promoting the sale of Digit Insurance products, recommending any insurance products, or acting as a seller of insurance products. Customers are requested to exercise their sole discretion and to independently verify the relevant information regarding the insurance policies prior to making any decision to purchase any insurance product. Akasa Air, expressly disclaims any liability and/or responsibility for such insurance products. For any claims, questions, concerns or complaints about such products or services, please contact Digit Insurance directly. Claims or complaints of any nature whatsoever in relation to Digit Insurance products or services will not be entertained by Akasa Air.”

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