Relax or work at the airport
Pre-book our lounge services


Relax or work at the airport
Pre-book our lounge services

Akasa Air's Departure Lounge Services

Are you seeking a serene retreat during layovers or simply aiming to make the most of your pre-boarding time? Akasa Air, in collaboration with DreamFolks, presents exclusive lounge services designed to elevate your travel experience


The lounge service is powered by DreamFolks and offers a luxurious and comfortable environment for solo travelers, as well as those journeying with family and friends. You can take a pit stop during your travel, to  catch up on work, unwind with movies, rest and savor delectable meals.


From welcome drinks, buffet selections, and free Wi-Fi to personal workspaces, a bar, and a delectable food corner, the lounge provides a haven for relaxation and productivity.


The lounge service is available for passengers departing from domestic terminals at Agartala, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Goa, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kolkata, Kochi, Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Srinagar and Varanasi airports. In addition to this, the service is also available for passengers departing from the international terminals at Mumbai, Doha airports.

Services Offered at Airport Lounges:

  • Snacks
  • Hot food and beverages
  • Lounge bar (chargeable)
  • Free internet stations/high-speed Wi-Fi
  • Recharging stations for laptops, mobiles, and iPads at every seating point
  • TV and music entertainment
  • Newspapers/magazines
  • Flight information and announcements
  • Business Centre facility (printer/copier/workstation/meeting facility) where available (paid service)

Indulge yourself by booking lounge access online through the Akasa Air website or mobile app, either during flight booking or up to 12 hours before your flight's scheduled departure.


Please note: The above-mentioned lounge services may differ across airports and are subject to availability

Terms and Conditions:

  • All the passenger(s) opting to avail the lounge services will be responsible to adhere the terms and conditions laid down by SNV Aviation Pvt Ltd (Akasa Air) which may vary from time to time and will be posted on Akasa Air website
  • Lounge access can be purchased by Passengers only through Akasa Air's website and mobile app, either while booking the flight, or at any time thereafter using the PNR details, up to 12 (twelve) hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. Lounge access fee may vary from time to time.
  • The access to the lounge will be available on first come-first-serve basis.
  • Passenger must carry confirmed E-Voucher issued and emailed by DreamFolks post flight booking. 
  • The E-Voucher once issued cannot be cancelled/transferred to other person and is non-refundable with a validity of 180 days from the date of departure.
  • In case of date change done by passenger to the flight, the issued E-Voucher can be used for the new flight, though with a validity of 180 days from the original flight date.
  • The E-Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash or any other promotional program or offers of Akasa Air.
  • Before accessing the lounge, the name on the E-Voucher issued by DreamFolks will be verified with the name on the boarding pass, to ensure access is being availed by the right person.
  • Participating Airport Lounges may reserve the right to enforce a stay policy which is limited maximum up to three (3) hours to prevent overcrowding. This is at the sole discretion of the individual lounge operator who may impose charges for extended hours.
  • The provision of free alcoholic drinks (where local law permits) is at the discretion of each participating Airport Lounge operator and in some cases may be limited. Passengers should make prior inquiries before ordering any separate alcoholic drinks apart from the general free flow offered and will be responsible for paying any charges for additional consumption direct to the participating Airport Lounge.
  • Lounge staff have the right to terminate the Lounge visit early or to refuse entry to any Passenger who is intoxicated or behaving in a disorderly fashion or is otherwise in violation of the Lounge Conditions.
  • Lounge staff shall have the right to refuse a Passenger entry to the Lounge Facilities for any Statutory, regulatory of Airport policy reasons including but not limited to health and safety policies or fire regulations.
  • Passengers to please note that the usage of a Lounge is governed by the terms and conditions of the respective lounge and/or the relevant airport lounge operator.
  • Akasa Air shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be suffered by a Passenger, directly or indirectly, as a result of purchasing lounge access or any edible item at any Lounge. All complaints, claims, disputes, concerns and issues, regarding the lounge service at a particular Lounge, should be taken up directly with DreamFolks. Akasa Air shall in no manner be responsible for the same.
  • For queries or complaints regarding access to a particular Lounge and service offerings at such Lounge, please contact DreamFolks on 1800 123 4109 or write to helpdesk@DreamFolks.in
  • Lounge access will be governed by and construed in accordance with applicable laws in India, and all matters related to lounge access are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.


Lounge services as made available through Akasa Air website, is provided by DreamFolks. Akasa Air is merely promoting DreamFolks’ services and hence, expressly disclaims any liability and/or responsibility for the content, accuracy of the information or service. For any questions or concerns or complaints about the lounge services, please contact DreamFolks directly. Claims of any nature whatsoever, in this regard, will not be entertained by Akasa Air. As such, the passenger(s) is/are encouraged to exercise their sole discretion while opting for the said option.

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