We aim to create the best pilot base in the industry by offering unmatched opportunities for advancement and the future-ready skills to fly most advanced B737 MAX aircraft


Our pilots exhibit an extraordinary breadth of skills with access to industry leading, cutting-edge technologies and world class training and development opportunities. They are making a difference to the way our customers feel about the Akasa Experience by delivering consistent operational efficiency, whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety.


Our growth enables us to offer rapid career opportunities to aviation professionals. There are tremendous opportunities for aspiring aviators too, in being able to invest their careers on the B737-MAX aircraft - one of the most advanced airplanes in the commercial aviation industry today.


Our crew schedules go beyond regulatory requirements of flight duty, offering choices of work patterns that are rooted in the principles of fatigue risk management alongside assuring adequate down time to meet their family commitments and lead a more balanced lifestyle.


Ahead of our operations, we invested in the Akasa Air Learning Academy at Gurgaon and have continued to enhance our world class training opportunities for our fast-growing employee base. We will soon expand our training capabilities in collaboration with CAE by setting up a brand new B737 MAX simulator in Bengaluru. We are working with Boeing to deliver proof-of-concept of Competency Based Training and Assessment in the form of a B737 Type Rating Training.


Ensuring a diverse and inclusive workforce in every area of our business remains a core priority for us and increasing diversity in the flight deck is a long-term focus that we will continue to champion. Our pilot community is made up of diverse backgrounds, and we welcome anyone with a genuine passion and requisite qualifications for flying, to apply for these positions that are poised towards an accelerated growth trajectory.

Application Process

  • To join our growing family please use this link to apply or send in your CV to pilotcareers@akasaair.com
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria, our team will schedule a pre-employment assessment comprising:
    • Online interview
    • Drug & Psychometric test
    • Simulator evaluation
    • Virtual session will be organised for an interaction with our Pilot Recruitment Team
  • Once the above criteria has been met, our team will share the recruitment offer and details
  • Upon acceptance of the offer, an ATO will be assigned for non type rated pilots, basis the requirement for B737 type rating or recency. Allocation of the ATO will be based on availability of slots.
  • Your DGCA Medical must be valid on the date of joining.

Upon successful completion of all the above, you will be inducted into Akasa Air.


When you join the flight operations team at India’s fastest growing airline, get set to enjoy a host of benefits aimed at greater work life balance.

  • Dead head allowance:
    • Captain – Rs. 3000 per hour
    • First Officer – Rs. 1500 per hour
  • Layover allowance:
    • Captain – Rs. 2000 per hour
    • First Officer – Rs. 1500 per hour
  • Employee Leisure Travel - Unlimited travel on the Akasa network for yourself plus 6 family members (including live-in / LGBTQ partners)
  • Medical Insurance is provided Creche Facility: Available for all employees
  • Paternity / Maternity Leave:  5 days Paternity Leave / 26 weeks Maternity Leave as per policy

Benevolent scheme

  • Temporary medical unfit (TMU):
  • Minimum guaranteed monthly salary up to 12 months
  • Permanent medical unfit (PMU)/ Loss of License (LOL)/ Death covered under is covered under this policy.
  • Company insurance benefit applicable for death/PMU/LOL as per policy
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    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved