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The capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar, has a diverse and fascinating history that is reflected in its monuments, temples, and other tourist places. It is an ancient city described in the Mahabharata and also one of the 3 cities in India designed by Otto Königsberger, a German architect. Fascinating, isn't it? The old and new worlds meeting in at the city of Bhubaneswar.


Bhubaneswar holds many such tales intertwined in rich heritage. Don't delay your Bhubaneswar sightseeing plans plans any further. Book flight tickets through Akasa Air at the most affordable prices and experience the rich culture of Bhubaneswar. 


Bhubaneswar is known as the 'Temple City' and attracts one of the highest number of tourists in India. The city is a sight to behold with its beautiful architecture, natural sites, and temples, enticing all with delicacies such as the rasgulla and seafood, making it an exquisite place to explore. 

Akasa Air has a top list of famous places to visit in Bhubaneswar curated for you! Travel by Akasa Air now to experience the beautiful city of Bhubaneswar!

  1. Lingaraj Temple 

    You can begin your trip by visiting one of the famous temples in Bhubaneswar – the Lingraj Temple.

    It is the largest temple in the city of Bhubaneswar and stands tall, striking a sense of reverence and awe. Built in the 11th century AD, the Lingaraj temple is a magnificent example of the Kalinga style's refinement.

    Visit the Lingaraja temple with your family and get lost in the beautiful craftsmanship and astonishing grandeur, which makes it a masterpiece in Indian architecture. The temple houses the primary deity of Lord Shiva in his Harihara form. Make sure you wait for the prayer service at this grand temple to bask in the holiness of diety and the temple! 

  2. Dhauli Hill
    Located on the banks of the serene Daya River and only 8 kms from the Bhubaneswar city, the Dhauli Hill is said to be the site of the ancient Kalinga war. The famous Ashoka rock edicts are a proof of Ashoka's presence in this place. It was after the war in Dhauli Hills that Ashoka began his journey of expanding the beliefs of Buddhism throughout the world. Imagine standing on the same ground where once Ashoka, the great, walked and embraced the path of dharma!

    Is there more to witness? Yes! The famous Vishwa Shanti Stupa is located in the Dhauli Hills. Adorned with five umbrellas that signify the five prominent parts of Buddhism, the Shanti Stupa is a subtle reflection of the Japanese Budhha Sangha architecture.

  3. Udayagiri and Khandgiri Caves
    If you wish to see the abstract beauty of nature, then you cannot miss Udayagiri and Khangiri caves. Located 7 kms from Bhubaneswar, these caves are partly artificial and partly natural, consisting of many Jain temples and monasteries. 

    The hand carvings on the cave is the most remarkable feature of these exquisitely sculpted caves. The engravings include allusions to mythology and history, representing the hardships of the Kalinga War. The caves will surely transport you back in time to an era cloaked in wonder.

  4. Nandankanan Zoological Park
    The Nandankanan Zoological Park, which spans 990 acres, houses both a zoo and a botanical park. It was established in 1979 and includes parts of the Chandaka Forests as well as Kanjia Lake. In the lion safari, you will be taken directly into the pride of lions after a twenty-minute journey via winding paths traversing the natural forest in a specially protected vehicle.

    You can also get up close and personal with sloth bears in their natural environment through the safari bus service. The zoo also contains white tigers, crocodiles, Indian Pangolins, and 34 tanks with various fish species. You can spend your day in the animal kingdom and come away amazed because there is no age limit to being astonished by the wonders of wildlife! This is one of the most popular tourist stop in Bhubaneswar to visit with friends.

  5. Odisha State Museum
    The Odisha State Museum was founded in 1938 and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Bhubaneswar. The museum has over ten galleries with antiquities such as manuscripts, tools, weapons and armoury, scientific tools, and natural history, among other things.

    Visit the museum to learn about Odisha's and Bhubaneshwar's history and the many dynasties and kingdoms that have ruled over the
    state from ancient times.

  6. Parasurameswar Temple
    This temple, built during the 7th century AD, is widely recognised as a milestone in the progress of the Odisha Temple architecture. It is one of the state's most well-preserved temples, which reflects the learned craftsmanship and architectural structures of the time. 

    The Jagamohana, or entry hall, was linked to the sanctum sanctorum for the first time at Parasurameswar Temple. The presence of asta grahas (eight planets) on the lintel of the front door attests to its age. Visit the temple with your family and take home a spiritual experience bestowed upon you by the deities.

  7. Mukteswar Temple

    If Parasumreswar symbolises the beginning of Odisha's temple building progression, Mukteswar reflects its maturation. The two temples are constructed next to each other and present unbelievable architectural progression in close vicinity. Historians have described the temple as a "miniature diamond" because of its complex and well-proportioned construction. The Torana, or arched gate, is the temple's trademark structure. 

    The finely carved architecture with unparalleled accuracy and expertise is bound to leave you stunned. 

  8. Rajarani Temple
    Rajarani temple is a beautiful combination of skilled design, symmetry and excellent craftsmanship, placed in scenic environs. Although there is no presiding god in the temple now, there are clear indicators in the construction indicating it was once a temple devoted to Lord Shiva. The most noteworthy of which is the sculpture of sage
    Lakulisa directly over the entry door and below the navagrahas.

    Make sure you visit here in February to witness the Rajarani Music Festival, which is a major attraction event organised by the Odisha Tourism Department. 
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  9. Brahmeshwar Temple

    This is one of the top locations to visit in Bhubaneswar since it has one of the country's oldest temples. This temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, was built in the 9th century AD. This temple's Kalinga-style architecture makes it a unique display and one of the most popular in the state.

    Visit the temple during one of the Hindu festivals to see the temple in all of its glory!

  10. Ekamravan
    Ekamravan, also known as the 'Garden of Healing', is a must-see attraction in Bhubaneswar. It's essentially a medicinal plant garden with a variety of different plants. Visitors come to the garden for educational purposes, but it's also full of beautiful vegetation, offering you a visual delight.


    If you have ticked everything off your ‘‘best places to visit in Bhubaneswar’ bucket list and now you are looking for a place to just sit back and relax, then visit Ekamravan with your loved ones

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