Flexi Cover

Flexi Cover



All Risk Cancellation and Booking Amendment cover


Cover name 



Cancellation and Booking amendment  


Cancel or amend booking at least 24 hrs prior to the departure and claim up to Rs.3000 towards penalty


  • All Risk Cancellation & Amendment cover (referred to as “Cover”) by Digit under Digit On-the-Move group policy & Booking amendment cover(UIN GODTGOP18045V011718, UIN GODTGBA19050V012021) will not be offered in the following cases. 

    • If the booking is being made for a travel within 24 hours.

    • If the booking is being made for travel after 60 days.

    • If the booking is being made for International destinations.

    • If the booking is being made for Non-Economy fare.

    • For Stop Over or Multi-city flights

  • Cover will not be available if cancelling /amending within 24 hours of travel - post booking of flight ticket.

  • A no-show i.e. If you don’t turn up for the journey and plan to cancel it later, it won’t be covered. 

  • Once this cover is bought and you plan to cancel the policy, you won’t be refunded the premium money (so cancelling the policy is really of no use). 

  • Convenience fee charged at the time of booking is non-refundable.

  • Cover is valid on cancellation of itinerary and also on date change or re-scheduling of itinerary.

  • On Return Bookings, the total fee for cover will be addition of individual cover fee of both the legs.

  • On Return Bookings, Cover can be availed only if both the legs of Return booking are eligible.

  • Customer will be eligible for the complete waiver only if he cancels or amends the ticket 24 hours or more prior to departure.

  • Waiver will be valid on Partial Passenger cancellation/amendment (cancellation for some passengers in an itinerary where the booking is made for 2 or more passengers)

  • Waiver will be valid on Partial Leg cancellation/amendment (cancellation of only some flights booked in an itinerary) in case of round-trip bookings.

  • Digit shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising due to force majeure event.

  • Any other losses for additional services that happen because of your trip getting cancelled / amended are not covered. For example, Akasa cancellation/amendment or convenience charges, any hotel cancellation charges or In-flight Meal charges.


For detailed terms and conditions refer to Digit “On the Move” policy Wording.

Disclaimer: Insurance cover is arranged by SNV Aviation Private limited from Go Digit General Insurance Limited under Digit On-The-Move Group Policy UINGODTGOP18045V011718 .

Flexi Cover    
Days in Advance Premium
Cancel or amend booking at least 24 hrs prior departure and claim up to Rs.3000 towards penalty
0-7 days Rs.299
8-15 days Rs.399
16-30 days Rs.499
> 30 days Rs.699




      Digit Booking Amendment Add-On Cover  

UIN: GODTGBA19050V012021  



1. Amendment Charges  

Amendment Charges are the charges incurred by the Insured for rescheduling the original booking(s) with  the same Service Provider who issued and confirmed the original booking(s)  

2. Cancellation Charges  

Cancellation Charges are the charges incurred by the Insured for rescheduling the Original Booking(s) with the same Service Provider who issued and confirmed the Original Booking(s).  

3. Service Provider  

Service Provider shall mean an entity through whom the Insured had booked Travel Ticket(s), Hotel  Accommodation (s), Tour(s), and/or Event (s) through online/offline mode.  

4. No Show  

No Show results when you neither cancel the booking(s) before the Scheduled Date and Time of the booked  service nor avail the intended services offered against the booking(s)  

5. Original Booking  

Original Booking means the booking confirmed by the Service Provider.  

6. Original Booking Cost  

Original Booking Cost means the cost incurred by You for booking Your Travel Tickets, Hotel Accommodation or any Event Tickets. This includes the Taxes and Surcharge, however, excludes any Cashback or Discount availed at the time of Original Booking.  

7. Policy Period/ Period of Insurance  

This Cover begins from the date Your Policy is Issued, or the Date of Original Booking (whichever is later). It  ends when you Start utilization of the ticket for its intended purpose.  

Scope of Cover  

In consideration of the payment of additional premium, it is hereby agreed and declared that the Policy is  extended to pay lower of the following (a to d), if You reschedule Your Original Booking confirmed by the  Service Provider during the Policy Period due to any fortuitous cause other than those specifically excluded  under this Add-On Cover:  

a) Amendment Charges incurred by You; or  

b) Cancellation Charges incurred by You for rescheduling Your original booking; or  c) Original Booking Cost; or  

d) Limits mentioned in your Policy schedule/ Certificate of Insurance  

In addition to the above We will also pay the “Convenience Fee” (If any) charged by the Service Provider for  rescheduling the original booking up to the amount specified against “Convenience Fee” field mentioned in  Your Policy schedule/ Certificate of Insurance.  

The liability of the Company in any one Policy Period shall in no case exceed the Limit as mentioned in Your  Policy schedule/ Certificate of Insurance for any one loss.  

Special Conditions applicable to this Add-On Cover  

1. Any rescheduling needs to be done before the original scheduled timing less the time excess mentioned in  Your Policy schedule/Certificate of Insurance.  

2. Your travel or hotel accommodation or event dates can be postponed or advanced ahead of the original  time and date up to days/hours mentioned in your Policy Schedule/Certificate of Insurance.  3. At the time of rescheduling, any difference between the New Booking cost and the Original Booking cost  needs to be borne by You.  

4. Maximum Number of amendments on the Original Confirmed Booking allowed under this Add-on Cover is  as mentioned in the Policy Schedule/ Certificate of Insurance. 

5. The rescheduled or amended booking should be in the same Passenger/Traveller/Insured name and for the  same route/event/City (in case of Hotel Booking) as mentioned in the original booking and Policy Schedule/  Certificate of Insurance.  

6. In case the new booking cost is lower than the original booking cost, any refund generated due to this, as  per Service Provider’s Policy, will be adjusted against the eligible claim amount as mentioned in the Scope  of Cover above, unless this condition is specifically waived off and mentioned in Your Policy  Schedule/Certificate of Insurance.  

Special Exclusions applicable to this Add-On Cover  

1. Any cancellation done with no further rebooking or rescheduling before the scheduled date and time of the  booked service.  

2. No show by the Insured Passenger/Traveller/Insured.  

3. If there is any change in the Departure and Arrival City/Location/Point or City of Hotel Booking or Event  Location than that mentioned in the Original Booking confirmed by the Service Provider.  4. Any increase in the New Booking cost compared to Original Booking cost needs to be borne by You.  5. Any claim falling within time excess shown in the Policy schedule/Certificate of Insurance. Time excess shall  apply individually and independently of each other for each and every claim  

Subject otherwise to all the other terms, conditions, limitations and exceptions of the Policy to which this Add On is attached. 


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