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With Akasa Air, affordable flight bookings are just a click away! Easy online bookings mean you are one step closer to your next flight. Browse and enjoy rewarding deals, and flight booking offers at Akasa Air. 

Why book with Akasa Air?

As India’s newest and youngest airline, Akasa Air is here to make your flying experience memorable! 


Warm & efficient customer service, reliable operations, and affordable fares are the cornerstones of our brand promise. This promise is powered by our youthful personality, employee-centric philosophy, a tech-led approach, and a culture of service. 


Not just flight bookings, you can also book a car, hotel, add-ons, or a meal, and enjoy the Akasa experience. To know more, read ‘Why fly with Akasa’ here.

How to book an Akasa Air flight?

With Akasa Air, long sign-up forms are a thing of the past. Booking with us is quick, easy, and seamless. Create an account here or on our app and book tickets to your next destination within minutes!


To book a flight with us, just follow the simple steps mentioned below:


  • Visit the Akasa Air website or log in to your account through our mobile app 
  • Enter your departure and travel details (one-way or round trip). The flight and fare options will be displayed on your screen
  • Choose from our range of Add-Ons including your favourite meals
  • Update passenger(s) information
  • Choose your preferred payment option, and you are ready to fly Akasa

How to book your meal?

Complete your journey by pairing your flight with your favourite meal. 


Enjoy an authentic and indulgent gourmet experience in the skies. Access the menu here


When booking a flight, click on the 'Café Akasa' section and choose your preferred food and/or beverages in an instant! 

Cafe Akasa Menu

FAQs on flight booking with Akasa Air

1. Can I book my flight online?

Yes, you can book a flight online easily on the Akasa Air website or Akasa Air mobile app.

2. How do I add my preferred choice of meal to my flight ticket?

To add your preferred meal or beverage, just click on the Add-Ons section when booking your flight tickets. You can also book your preferred meal through 'Manage Booking' section.

3. What are the destinations that Akasa Air flies to?

We are progressively expanding our network and connecting more cities. Stay updated with our network here.