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Connecting Flights

What is a connecting flight?

Direct flights may not be available at certain destinations. Now, in such a scenario, a passenger may need to board subsequent flights to reach their final destination, primarily after deboarding the first flight. Such flights are called connecting flights. 

Connecting flights are subsequent flights one may use to reach their ultimate destination after deboarding the primary aircraftt. 

Essentially, connecting flight bookings require you to change the aircraft at a particular location, and take two or more flights to get from your city of departure to your destination city.

Let’s say you want to fly from location A to location B and there are no direct flights available, or you have opted to fly via a connecting flight. In such cases, you will not be flying directly from A to B on one aircraft, but you will be required to deboard at location X. So, you will first fly from A to X, and thereafter take a connecting flight from X to B.

How do Connecting Flights work?

There are essentially two ways a person can make their connecting flight bookings.

If you have purchased a single ticket, the connecting process is simple. In this scenario, your single ticket also serves as a connecting flight ticket. There may be two or more flights scheduled one after the other, but they have all been booked under one ticket. 

On a single ticket basis, when you get to your layover destination after taking the first flight, all you have to do is proceed through the airport to your next flight’s departure gate. You won’t have to worry about your luggage as it will be automatically forwarded to your connecting flight/flights after you have checked in your luggage at the primary departure terminal. You can directly collect it when you arrive at your final destination. 

However, if you have made separate connecting flight bookings, you will be required to collect your luggage at the layover point and check in again before proceeding to board your connecting flight.

Furthermore, international passengers may be required to present their VISA for the country from where they will be boarding the connecting flight. Even if you are merely collecting your belongings to check them in for the next flight and are not leaving the airport, practically, you have entered another country. 

Also, keep in mind that in some cities, airport terminals are not linked and you may be required to travel to another terminal to board your connecting flight.

So, remember to inquire with your airline beforehand and double-check its VISA requirements before booking a separate connecting flight ticket


Are connecting flights cheaper than direct flights?

Because some passengers are ready to pay more to acquire the convenience of getting on a direct non-stop flight which lets them reach their destination without waiting for any layovers, connecting flights are usually less expensive than direct flights. However, you still have to consider the costs of food, drink and transportation between airports when booking connecting flights.

What if my first flight gets delayed and I am unable to catch my connecting flight?

If your first flight is cancelled or delayed and you do not arrive at the connecting airport in time, then depending on the connecting flight booking you have made, you have the option of making a self-transfer or will be entitled to an airline transfer. 

With self-transfer, you may be eligible for compensation (depending upon the fare rules and other terms of the ticket) for the delay but will be required to purchase a fresh connecting flight ticket on your own. On the other hand, if you have booked a single ticket from a trustworthy airline, like Akasa Air, that offers airline-transfer services then we will take care of you and your luggage in such scenarios. You do not have to worry about flight delays and cancellations because we work with perseverance to provide a smooth journey.

Do you have to go through customs on connecting flights?

If you've booked international connecting flights, you'll most likely have to clear customs and immigration at the connecting airport. This is especially true in the case of the US and Canada.

What happens to my luggage during a connecting flight?

The airline is not obligated to transfer your baggage to your connecting aircraft if you purchase your connecting flights separately. In this situation, you'll need to pick up your luggage after your first trip and re-check it before your connecting flight.

Where to book my connecting flights from?

For the best flying experience, book your connecting flight on Akasa Air. Akasa Air is India’s newest airline with the greenest and youngest fleet in the country. We believe that the sky belongs to everyone, and that air travel should be accessible to all. With warmth and humility, we aim to provide you a positive travelling experience and dependable customer service at a competitive price. 

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