Expectant Mothers

Expectant Mothers

To help us serve our passengers better and safeguard the health and well-being of a mother and her unborn child, we encourage them to share details about their pregnancy to Akasa Air


However, the carriage of the Expectant Mother is subject to the following conditions:


  • Expectant mothers with a single uncomplicated pregnancy shall be permitted to travel on Akasa Air domestic flights till the end of 36 (thirty six) weeks of pregnancy. Expectant mothers are mandatorily required to carry the ‘fit to fly certificate’ (in original), dated not more than 7 (seven) days prior to the actual date of travel, from the treating obstetrician if their pregnancy is between the 33rd (thirty third) and the 36th (thirty sixth) week.

  • Expectant mothers who have completed 36 (thirty six) weeks of pregnancy shall not be accepted for travel on Akasa Air flights.

  • Expectant mothers of twins or triplets, with an uncomplicated pregnancy, shall be permitted to travel on Akasa Air flights up to the 32nd (thirty second) week of pregnancy with a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate (in original), dated not more than 3 (three) days prior to the date of actual travel, from the treating obstetrician. In the event an expectant mother chooses not to carry the abovementioned medical certificate, Akasa Air reserves the right to refuse carriage to such Customer.