Track your bag

Track Your Bags

Track Your Bag in flight

Track Your Bags

Akasa Air prioritises the safety and timely delivery of your luggage upon arrival at any destination. So, now you can easily track your bags from the minute you check them to the moment you pick them up at the arrival section!  


With a few simple steps, you will be able to locate your bag(s) and see the current status and details such as your name, the booking or file reference number (given on your booking confirmation), or your bag tag number, which is given when you check-in, to locate your bag(s).

If you are not able to locate any of your luggage, please get in touch with the nearest Akasa Air representative, or contact Akasa Air customer service.

Track your bags FAQs

How long does it take to find your luggage at the baggage claim section at the airports?

This can vary depending on your flight, the type (direct or connecting), and the airport you are at. It can range anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. If you are still not able to locate your luggage, you can contact an airport executive or our staff at the baggage claim desk.

What happens to my bags after I check them in?

Once you check your luggage in, it goes on a conveyer belt to a larger sorting area or station, where it is segregated and placed on the corresponding flight or carrier.

How long will the airport keep my luggage?

If you have lost your luggage and it is found at a specific airport, the airport, in most cases, will store it for a couple of days. However, the duration for which your luggage will remain in their storage or care can vary significantly. Therefore, most airports deal with situations like this on a case-to-case basis.