Check Refund Status

Check Refund Status

Plans change all the time. If you had to cancel your Akasa flight booking for any reason, and are worried about the refund procedure, fret not! At Akasa Air we have a seamless refund process in place.


Tracking your refund status online is easier. You can access the ‘Check Refund Status’ section in just a few minutes. If you face any difficulty while checking the refund status online, you can contact the Akasa Care Centre here.

Steps To Check Your Refund Status

If you wish to check refund status online for the flight booking you cancelled on Akasa Air, you can do so by following these steps:


1. Click on Refund Booking present under 'Manage' section.


2. Fill in your details such as booking reference number/PNR, your email, and your name.


3. Click on the button visible to Check Refund Status.


4. View/ manage refund/payment status.

Check Refund Status FAQs

1. Am I allowed to make changes to my reservation after I have booked?

In most cases, passengers are allowed to make changes to their bookings. Additional charges might be applicable in case of changes. This varies across flights that are refundable and non-refundable and have different fare options. Passengers can check refund status both online and offline. Different rules are applicable for cancellations, rebooking, transfers, and no-shows.

2. When will my refund be transferred?

Depending on your flight fare and your request, the time period for your refund may vary. However, passengers will receive their refund within the time period allotted by Akasa Air. If you are unsure, you can check refund status on the Akasa Air website, on the Akasa Air mobile app. You can also check refund status by contacting the Akasa Care Officers.

3. What are fare conditions or fare rules?

Fare conditions are the rules and regulations related to the fare that your booking falls under.

4. Will I get a refund if I have booked through a travel agency?

You can get in touch with the travel agency that handled your flight booking (s) to know your refund status, in case any changes have been made to your reservation.

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