Email Itinerary

Retrieve your Flight Itinerary and get it delivered over email

Email Flight Itinerary

When you make a booking with Akasa Air, a flight itinerary is emailed to you on your email address. Your itinerary will carry information such as the passenger name booked on the flight, the flight number, date and time of arrival/departure, the departure, transit and arrival airport codes, etc.


Your Akasa Air eTicket will also contain details of your purchase and payment information.  


In the rare case that you did not receive the eTicket for your Akasa Air flight booking on your registered email address, you can retrieve it from our website or app.


How to email/retrieve your itinerary?  


Follow these simple steps to retrieve your itinerary or email a copy of your itinerary to yourself:


Step 1. Please visit the 'Manage Booking'section and click on 'Email Itinerary'


Step 2. Enter your PNR/Booking Reference


Step 3. Enter your email address


Step 4. Click on retrieve itinerary and get a copy of your itinerary