View My Trips

View My Trips

It is a superpower to remember every tiny bit of your itinerary! You may want to review your bookings or fetch some information about your past trips with Akasa Air. Maybe you made a booking for a friend/relative and want to share the details with them, or you want to make a claim at your workplace for a refund towards the official tour you took. 

In any circumstance, having all your details right from flight dates and timings to PNR numbers, fares, etc., all in one place can be very beneficial. 


The View My Trips option on our website is that superhero that ‘remembers’ it all. 

Here’s everything you can access on the page:

  • My Past Bookings
  • Upcoming Trips
  • Cancellations
  • Refunds Issued
  • Add-on services
  • Insurance and flight covers


Steps to view booking: 

Step 1: Click on the ‘View Booking’ or ‘Manage Booking’ section above

Step 2: Enter your flight PNR or Booking Reference number

Step 3: Enter your Last name 

Step 4: Click on ‘View Booking’

Enter PNR/Booking Reference

View Booking FAQs

How can I view my trips?

To gain access to your trip details, enter Akasa Booking Reference No. (PNR) and last name. A complete list of all your trip details, present and past, will be available.

How do I cancel or change my flight reservation?

Visit the ‘View/Change Booking,’ accessible from the ‘Manage’ tab, to cancel or change your flight booking. Alternatively, click on the ‘Upcoming trips’ link in the listing above and proceed to cancel or change your reservation by selecting the relevant flight booking.

What are the benefits of the view/change option, and how does it benefit passengers?

Passengers can access the following functionalities via the ‘View/Change Booking’ sections:

  • Retrieve itinerary, email itinerary, reprint itinerary, and add special services.

  • Split PNR reservation rescheduling.

  • Cancel your itinerary and request a refund.

Can I change my origin/destination through the view/booking facility?

You cannot change the origin/destination through the view/booking option; instead, you can opt for the cancellation option.

Click to read about Akasa Air’s cancellation cover and related policy

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    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved

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    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved