Your cargo, our care. Introducing Akasa Cargo Services for your business. Know more.

Do you have cargo that needs to be transported to its destination in a super-fast and efficient manner? Trust Akasa Air’s Cargo services to do the needful. Harness our growing domestic network to deliver your cargo to recipients across India quickly.

The experienced Akasa Cargo team is geared to cater to your cargo requirements. We offer high-quality air freight services with premium facilities that give your cargo the care and love it needs to reach its destination quickly and safely.

With our endeavour to remain abreast with the latest industry practices, we have implemented state-of-the-art Logistic Management Systems for cargo sales and operations. This will ensure you are able to track your consignments 24x7 with accuracy and real-time data within the Akasa networks.

Contact Us: cargoinfo@akasaair.com

We are open to carrying all types of cargo subject to all regulations in place, including live animals.

Below are some of the air cargo that Akasa Air undertakes:

●       General Cargo

●       Small shipments and freight attached consignments

●       Perishables

●       Human remains

●       Vulnerable cargo

●       Valuable cargo

●       Cremated ashes

●       Biological products

●       Batteries within the consignments


Packaging requirements for air cargo

● The packaging should be tamper-proof

● It should be labeled well, and handling stickers must be pasted wherever applicable

● The package should be free of any leakage

● The packaging should be appropriate for safe air carriage and shouldn’t pose a risk of injury or damage


Documentation requirement

You will have to furnish the following documents at the time of cargo booking: 

● Instruction of dispatch of goods filled by the sender

● Security declaration

● Government photo identification proof of the shipper

● Description of the content of the package

● Company’s declaration when booked on behalf of that company


Marking and labeling rules

The labels on your package must be fully visible, and any old labels must be removed. The following information needs to be mandatorily included on the label:

● The complete Air Waybill number

● Alpha code of origin

● Alpha code of the destination

● Number of pieces in the consignment

● The gross weight of the package

You can get all the requisite labels from the Akasa Air cargo counter. This includes marking as well as handling labels. Handling labels indicate how a parcel needs to be handled, whereas the marking labels are its unique identity. Handling stickers include fragile, human remains, arrows to indicate which side needs to be up, etc.


Cargo services FAQs

1) Can I track the movement of my consignment?

You can track your consignment using the AWB on the Akasa Air portal.

2) What if the shipment is lost in transit? 

In case a shipment is difficult to track, the shortage will be registered. If the parcel is still not traceable after 21 days, Akasa will issue a short landing certificate.

3) What are the delivery timelines?

Akasa Air takes pride in its commitment to timely delivery. General Cargo is normally handed over 2 hours post-arrival of cargo. Human remains, perishables, and valuables are handed over 60 minutes post-arrival.

4) How can I collect my shipment?

You or the consignee need to collect the shipment from the destination cargo office after showing your ID proof.

5) What if the inner contents are missing?

Akasa Air takes adequate care that such instances do not occur. The verification can be done only based on the weight sent and received. If you suspect a weight discrepancy upon receiving, you can notify the carrier, who will then log a complaint upon verification.

Customers can also submit a detailed packing list at the time of booking the shipment with Akasa Air.


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