COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update


Akasa Air values its passengers and employees' good health and safety. We are working closely with the Ministry of Civil Aviation to update, and act in accordance with all the  safety, hygiene, and sanitization guidelines. Akasa Air stands by our country to help prevent the spread of coronavirus during air travel in an efficient way.

Guidelines for Domestic passengers 


Different state governments have established their own set of guidelines and regulations for domestic travellers arriving at their airports. Before you travel, please read and understand the guidelines of the respective state/city you will be visiting, and follow them to make your trip arrangements easier.


Note: State restrictions are subject to change; please check the state government website for more information.

General Guidelines for Domestic Air Travel 

  • Passengers are also encouraged to use a face shield for additional protection
  • Passengers are advised not to travel and quarantine themselves if they exhibit symptoms
  • Passengers are requested to maintain social distancing
  • Carry your vaccination certificate in digital format all the time
  • During arrival and departure at the airport terminal, passengers can sanitise their bags as per the availability of sanitization machines at the airports