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Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Akasa Air terms and conditions



The supplier/service provider (“Supplier”) agrees and confirms to SNV Aviation Private Limited (“Akasa Air”) that the Supplier shall:

  1. Comply with all applicable laws including all relevant labour laws.
  2. Comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning bribery, corruption, fraud and any other prohibited business practices and specifically with:
    • Prevention of Corruption Act of India, 1988 (PCA)
    • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of US, 1977 (FCPA)
    • UK Bribery Act, 2010 (UKBA)
  3. Not, either directly or indirectly or through an intermediary, give, offer or receive anything of value, either in cash or kind, or any favour or incentive to any person, including a public official or a public servant or an official of any international organization to gain an improper business advantage for Akasa Air.
  4. Not meet or deal with public servants or public officials in a questionable manner or in circumstances which may lead to a doubt regarding the integrity of Akasa Air or its employees.
  5. Not represent, in any form, that Akasa Air participates in any political or religious activities or contributes any of its assets or funds to support any political/religious party or any non- governmental organisation associated with such political/religious parties or supports any civil or other mass movements.
  6. Not give or offer to any employee of Akasa Air, gifts of any kind, no matter the value, at any time, on or off the work premises. Gifts include any item in cash or kind, including sponsored trips, electronic gifts and gadgets, any business courtesy offered such as a product discount or any other benefit if the benefit is not extended to all employees of Akasa Air.
  7. Immediately inform Akasa Air if:
    • the Supplier and/or any of its promoters or shareholders is a family member or is related toany of employee of Akasa Air (“Employee Related Party”); or
    • if any employee of Akasa Air or an Employee Related Party has or controls a “significant financial interest” in the Supplier.
  8. Use the confidential information or proprietary information of Akasa Air, solely in connection with conducting business with Akasa Air and shall not, disclose, in any manner whatsoever, in whole or in part, any confidential information or proprietary information of Akasa Air to any person.
  9. Ensure that any intellectual property of Akasa Air or intellectual property received through Akasa Air is used only on terms as permitted by Akasa Air in writing.
  10. Not, directly or indirectly make any references to the services rendered or goods supplied to Akasa Air or use the name or logo of Akasa Air in any form of publicity, advertising, press release or other such declaration (whether private and/ or public), without prior written consent of Akasa Air.
  11. Not publicly make any negative remarks, either orally or in writing, about Akasa Air, its employees, its services, products, reputation, business operations, and/or customers.
  12. If provided with any assets of Akasa Air:
    • to safeguard and protect such assets from misuse, theft, unauthorised use, damage and/or loss;
    • use such assets for the business of Akasa Air only;
    • not use such assets or information to compete with Akasa Air directly or indirectly; not use such assets to reproduce, display, distribute, or store any materials that violate trademark, copyright, licenses, and/or other intellectual property rights of Akasa Air or any other third party;
    • not access, reproduce, display, distribute, or store any materials that are sexually explicit, obscene, defamatory, harassing, illegal, or otherwise inappropriate using such assets;
    • adhere to other policies of Akasa Air pertaining to Akasa Air’s assets.
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    © Copyright 2023 Akasa Air. All rights reserved