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Students - Flat 7% discount on basic fares

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Special fares

  • Akasa Air offers flat 07% discount on the basic fare for flight bookings on the domestic sector.
  • The Student Discount is valid for domestic one-way and return flight bookings.
  • Students who book direct domestic flights under Student Discount will be eligible for a 15 kg check-in baggage limit plus an extra allowance of 10 kgs upon displaying their Student ID card at the check-in counter.  
  • Bookings under Student Discount are changeable and refundable, but not transferable (no name changes shall be permitted once the booking has been done).  
  • Student Discount is only available to students aged between 12 and 24 years who are enrolled in a legitimate school or university in India. It is not available to friends or relatives of the student.  
  • It is mandatory for students to carry a hard copy of their original student ID card, which is issued by an authorised and legitimate Indian school or educational institution and display it at the Akasa Air airport check-in counter. 
  • Passengers availing the Student Discount must display a valid ID card at Akasa Airs airport check-in counter. If the relevant proof is not produced, the passenger must pay the corresponding charges/fees, else boarding will be refused.  
  • Only a limited number of seats are available under Student Discount, which will be available for booking on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Student Discount cannot be clubbed with any other offer, discount or promotion.  
  • Akasa Air maintains the right to modify, cancel, or withdraw Student Discount at any time, without prior notice.
  • Akasa Air’s decision with respect to the transactions with the Student Discount, shall be final and binding on all participating passengers.
  • By making an Akasa Air flight booking, the passenger: (i) unconditionally and irrevocably agrees to these terms and conditions; and (ii) consents that all information provided by the passenger may be shared by Akasa Air with its agents, representatives, service providers, employees, and may be used to send promotional information pertaining to Akasa Air to the passenger, in future.
  • The Student Discount will be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws in India, and all matters related to this fare are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Mumbai. 
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